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Flannery’s Scary Camp Encounter

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Hey, Camp Fans!

The ‘Share Your Camp Story’ drawing here at Everything Summer Camp has brought in nearly 30 entries! What a great turn out! We’re eager to publish each one right here on the Blog! After our seven lucky winners, everyone else who submitted received a $15 gift certificate to our online store—so really everyone who submitted was a winner! Today’s post features Flannery P.’s camp story about a wild encounter during her summer camp stay at
Camp DeSoto is a great camp for your summer stay!A letter from camp:

“Dear Mom and Dad,

Let me tell you a scary story.

It was a dark, stormy night. Okay, so it wasn’t actually dark, but it was raining. I had just gotten back from the overnight backpacking trip the eighth graders take that morning. We had less than an hour until supper, but I was about to leave the cabin. I picked up my raincoat that was still on my bed from backpacking. I was sticking my arm inside one of You never know what you might find at summer camp!the sleeves when I felt a little prick. Earlier, when I was unpacking the tent, I was poked by a small piece of wood, so, thinking it was just another splinter, I pulled out my arm to check. What I saw was not a woodchip, but an actual, CONFIRMED BY THE HEAD COUNSELOR, scorpion. That’s right, A SCORPION.

I dropped my jacket with the scorpion on it in horror. One of my cabin mates yelled to the head counselor, and I started to freak out, not because it hurt, but because I thought it stung me and that I was going to die. I may have overreacted a little bit, considering it didn’t actually sting me, but it’s your fault for giving me a book called ‘House of The Scorpions’ for Christmas a few years ago. And how was I supposed to know the deadly ones are only in Texas and Mexico and stuff? Anyway, I survived. Thought you might want to know.


Thanks again for your submission, Flannery! It’s great to hear that you survived your summer camp stay despite your scary encounter! I’d throw away your copy of ‘House of The Scorpions’ if I were you! To anyone else who dare attends Camp DeSoto, you can check it out right here. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John



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