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First-Rate Actress Fiona

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Hey, Fiona Fans!

“Fiona WHO?” you ask. And that’s a fair question—there are a number of famous Fionas: there’s Fiona Apple, Fiona Perry, Princess Fiona. Well…that last one is actually an animated character. But I’m not talking about any of these people (or ogres). The Fiona I’m talking about is Fiona Gubelmann, the actress with lead roles in shows like ‘My Name is Earl’ and ‘Wilfred’.

Interested in acting from an extremely young age, Fiona attended a drama camp when she was little and loved summer camp so much that she also became a counselor at Camp Hess Kramer and Camp Gindling Hilltop in Malibu, California. She’s never disclosed which camp she went to as a camper, but it was obviously a positive part of her childhood. 

She’s since been in plenty of TV shows as mentioned above and guest starred in a range of other very popular shows from ‘Mad Men’, ‘Modern Family’, ‘New Girl’, and more! Take a look at some other things about this beautiful actress…

Made for the Stage
Little, four-year-old Fiona was already filling roles on the stage as she played a part in a ballet adaptation of the ‘Cabbage Patch Kids’. As the years went by, she continued to show a natural magnetism to being on the stage which led her to drama camp in the summers and, ultimately, her acting career. It’s no wonder that she’s such a talented actress; she’s studied the performing arts all her life!

Keep it to Yourself
So many celebrities allow the cameras to keep rolling when they’re off the stage and divulge their very personal matters to the public. It’s refreshing to find those who draw a line between their work and their home. A happily married woman to one Alex Weed (her college sweetheart), Fiona and her husband are private people who keep their family life out of the tabloids.

The Dimple Life
Among the ranks of grinning celebrities whose dazzling smiles are adorned with dimples, like Rachel McAdams, Mario Lopez, and Ann Hathaway to name just a few (not to mention a certain Blogger that you all know and love), Fiona’s facial muscles were gifted with two delightful dimples as well. It’s only about a third of the population whose smiles dimple. If you’re in the club, consider yourself lucky!

Hopefully you enjoyed learning about this dimpled dame whose talent has landed her role after role on television series all across the board! Check out Camp Hess Kramer and Camp Gindling Hilltop for yourself by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading.


- John  


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