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Resolution Checkup

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Here we stand, one month into the new year. So, before we step any further into February, I wanted to give an update on how we’ve been doing with the resolutions we’ve set for ourselves here at Everything Summer Camp. I hope all of you are off to a wonderful start with any resolutions of your own!

Here’s how folks around our office are doing with their resolutions: Have you been sticking to your New Years Resolution?Amy resolved to reform her diet and start eating better. She told me that “Surprisingly I have been doing good and sticking to it.  I just can’t keep any sweets in the house!” I can relate to that, for sure! But when it comes to junky food, out of sight—out of mind is a real thing. Keep surprising yourself till it’s not a surprise anymore, Amy!

Anita resolved to increase her overall health with more exercise and kicking lousy habits. She was happy to report that she, “Started out great, doing the treadmill every morning for 20 minutes, then the second week of January, every morning and night for 20 to 30 minutes. Lost 4 pounds!” She also got hit with a cold in January, so she disappointed she couldn’t stick to her daily routine for a little bit, but I’m definitely calling January a win for Anita!

Diane resolved to make the world better by helping people more. “I have kept my resolution to doing one good deed a month,” she said, but she actually hit it twice as hard! “While in Roatan I gave money to a local family to buy food. I also paid for a car behind us in a fast food drive-thru. It feels so good to do these random acts of kindness.” Awesome work, Diane! I’m sure she’s making people’s days with her generosity!

Matt resolved to shed some pounds and lose weight in the coming year. When I asked how he was doing, he told me, “Good. I've lost 15 pounds—halfway to my goal. Eating right, balanced diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables. Drinking lots of water.” That’s how you do it—well done, Matthew!

Morgan, who resolved to get straight A’s in her last semester of college, responded to my checkup that, “Yes, so far so good! It’s still early in the semester and I only have 2 grades in, but all A’s! Off to a good start!” Wonderful work, Morgan!

Nate has resolved to spend more time with his family and more ‘playtime’ with his kids. “My resolution is going okay,” he said. “I’ve been spending quite a bit of time with my boys.” However, he’d still like to see more nights devoted to the whole family. “We’ve had a couple of family game/movie nights, but not every week like we want to.” This sounds far from a fail to me! Keep up the good work, Nate!

And I resolved to be less judgmental toward people to have more patience. I think I’ve done well in preventing myself from letting my thoughts spiral about other people. I would definitely have to give myself a pass through this first month.

Unfortunately, our Vice President of Everything Summer Camp, Mark, is the first to bow out of his resolution which was to get better sleep. He’s already failed in January. Too many late work nights for that guy! He says he still has full intentions to continue better sleeping patterns for himself, so best of luck to him moving forward in the year!

A good first checkup for our participators, I’m very proud of us so far—only one casualty. Straight A’s for everybody else (not just you, Morgan)! And Bob, who resolves each year not to change a bit, is still the same ol’ Bob! Keep up the good work with your own resolutions for 2019 and, as always, thanks for reading, Everybody!


- John

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