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Hey, Camp Fans!

While folks from all over the country have been compelled to close their doors in the summer season to take the precautions deemed necessary to keep everyone safe throughout this pandemic, there have been some areas where people have been fortunate to not be impacted as heavily as others. Though many camps have had to close their doors for the 2020 summer season, there are still some that are holding sessions.

Camp Wayfarer in North Carolina nested among the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains was delighted to start their camp session several weeks ago on June 21. To assure campers and parents alike that the campus was safe, the staff put out this message:

“Our camper and staff’s safety and health is paramount and we want to assure you that preventative steps are in place to create the best possible care for all.... It is our hope that our new procedures and protocols will reassure you as you make your final decisions for camp.

We are reassured by our current enrollment and the fact that new Wayfarer families have still been in contact asking about session availability. It is easy to see parents want their children outside and experiencing new adventures with their peers. Camp Wayfarer is committed now more than ever to this goal and we are grateful for your love and support.”

We here at Everything Summer Camp are in full support of Camp Wayfarer and are so excited for their campers who get to have their summer session this year despite lots of questioning. We’re delighted to know that summer wishes are coming true for some fortunate kids this season. May we all make it through these strange times and set our sights on a less questionable summer season next year. As always, thanks for reading.


- John


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