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Family Weekend at Seneca Lake

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Hey, Camp Folks!

We’re happy to hear from our participants for the August ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest. We have today’s camp story submission, not from a camper, but from a grandmother who got to participate in some fun summer camp activities this year.

Our featured submission today for our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest comes from Carol H. who wrote in to tell us about the time she got to spend with her grandkids at Camp Seneca Lake. Congrats on your $25 prize, Carol! Check out her submission right here:

“A slender ray of sunshine peeked through the cloud of COVID-19 for my family this summer. My name is Carol H; I am the grandmother of two very disappointed campers, Sam P. and Abby P. Sam and Abby truly live “10 for 2”. They cherish their summers at Camp Seneca Lake and speak enthusiastically about their experiences all during the school year. Fortunately, Camp Seneca Lake was able to offer several CSL Family Weekend Getaways in July and August. Parents and grandparents and kids spent time at camp all together. My husband and I shared a cabin with our grandchildren, their parents, and two of their closest elementary school friends. I even celebrated my birthday there! I have not been a camper since 1965. The weekend made me remember why I loved camp so much and showed me some of the things my grandchildren enjoy at CSL. We did archery, arts and crafts, kickball, and lakefront and pool activities. Socially distanced meals were served in the dining hall. There were Shabbat services at the beautiful lakefront fire pit. And we hung out in our cabin and talked to new friends and old friends who sat on the porches of their nearby cabins. I walked on the gravel trails and on the paths through the woods. What a hike it was down to the lake –and back up again! Camp is Sam and Abby’s happy place. Next summer, if all returns to normal, I will be able to picture them on the 200 acre campus doing everything we did together and so much more. The experiences I shared with my family at CSL were priceless!”


Woohoo! Grandmothers don’t typically get to attend summer camp so thanks for sharing this cool story with us, Carol. I’m sure it was a treat for Sam and Abby to enjoy some camp fun with you there to experience it alongside them. Sounds like CSL offered you guys a great getaway during this difficult time our world is facing. It’s great to hear your family salvaged some summer fun this season!

If anybody else is interested in checking out Camp Seneca Lake for your own future camp stay, take a look at their website by clicking right here. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


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