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Fall Fun

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Hey there, Fall Folks!

In case you’re unfamiliar with the Fall season (as the climate varies rather dramatically across our lovely country), this is the time of year when the leaves lose their green color and shift to a yellow, brown, orange, red, or even purple kind of color. After that they fall from the trees below to carpet the ground and blow distant in the wind.Leaves fall from the trees this time of season. It's the coolest part about fall!

Wisconsinites like all of us here at Everything Summer Camp (located in Boyd, WI) have grown accustomed to the pretty fall season, but never forget what a beautiful part of the cycle this season is! The colors are so vibrant and surreal. It’s fun to go tramping through these colorful, crunching fallen leaves. Autumn speaks loudly.

The fact that these leaves turn amazing colors and fall from their branches means that they’ve died, of course. As the temperature cools and the earth’s northern hemisphere moves away from the sun, the leaves are no longer getting the amount of sunlight they need to perform processes that are essential to their life (like photosynthesis).

Photosynthesis is the process in which leaves and other plant life obtain that lively green color. The same way that animals eat food to get their energy, leaves feast on sunlight. When the leaves don’t get enough sunlight, they can no longer obtain the energy they need for survival. But despite the certain doom this spells for leaves and other plant life, it makes for a stunningly beautiful season.

Accompanying today’s Blog post, we’ll be sharing our own fall pictures with all of you. Check out the beautiful, changing environment surrounding us here in northern Wisconsin. We hope they fill you with as much awe and inspiration as they do us. We truly do live in a beautiful world!

Enjoy and thanks for reading!


- John

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