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Expect the Unexpected

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Hey, Camp Folks! 

Your kid is going to be coming home from summer camp and I’m sure you’re wondering what their return will be like. Really, there’s no telling what to expect. Summer camp experts, Chris Thurber and Jon Malinowski mention just how unpredictable your children’s behavior can be upon their return in their guidebook ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’. 

Check out what one parent had to say about their child coming back home. Lori C. submitted this to us following the camp season of 2019. Here’s what she had to say about her son’s stay at Camp Westmont: 

My son just came home from camp today and he couldn't stop talking about all the fun he had. From learning to swim at the pool and then being able to swim in the lake. Playing Tennis and on the Ropes Courses. All the friends he had made and what he had accomplished during the summer. Bobby received two awards from camp. One was the kindness award for his bunk division and the other was an award for swimming. Before camp started my son had a very hard time trying to learn how to swim, but the staff at camp helped him be less fearful and he learned! He was very fearful of almost everything he did or didn't want to do. But as he's telling me everything he did at camp this summer, I am very grateful for the experience he has gained. He said he rides when they went on their trips, he learned to ride his bike without training wheels, he climbed the rock wall, and I was told by one of his group leaders that he is one of the best tennis players in his division! Again I am very grateful for this opportunity that he had. He can't stop talking about this summer and is already talking about going back to Camp Westmont next year!” 

Hopefully your camper enjoyed the summer camp experience as much as Bobby. Peruse the rest of our submissions from summer campers throughout the years by clicking right here and, as always, thanks for reading! 


- John


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