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Everything You Need to Know about Overnight Camp Packing Lists

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Hey, Camp Folks!

If you’re reading this Blog post, you probably already know, there’s lots of camping gear and other camp supplies to ensure your child brings along to summer camp. Packing for camp certainly can feel like a mountainous undertaking. But, instead of letting this full laundry list overwhelm you, let us ease your concerns and coach you on the best ways to manage your packing job.

Most people aren’t necessarily well-practiced at getting their child ready for summer camp—it only happens once a year, after all—and plenty of folks are completely new to the entire experience. The leading question people have is, “how do I know what my child needs for camp?”

Finding a proper packing list to work with is a cinch!

The Camp’s Packing List

Overnight summer camps usually publish their packing lists a few months in advance. This gives you ample time to review the list, gather your gear, and make any necessary purchases. So, as soon as you've registered for camp, keep an eye out for the packing list. Some camps will provide it on their website, while others may send it to you via email or regular mail.

Online Packing List Guides

Are you an early bird that wants to roll up their sleeves and get going on camp prep before your camp has published their official packing list? You're in luck! The internet offers an abundance of camp packing list guides. A quick online search will result in a multitude of generic packing lists that cover the essentials for various types of camps. I just posted a thorough guide on the Blog last year.

You may find that you still require some items when your camp does publish their list, but you’ll be able to cross plenty off your camp’s list that you got ahead of time.

Find the packing list you need without even leaving our site.

Your Camp’s Packing List on Our Site

Of course, you can always find your camp’s packing list right here without even leaving our website. Hey! When we say we’re your one-stop shop, we’re not just blowing campfire smoke! We offer updated packing lists from a ton of overnight camps. Finding your camp's list is a breeze—just click the blue 'find my camp' button at the top of our homepage (or click right here), and you're on your way!

Once you've selected your camp, you'll have access to a comprehensive packing list tailored to that camp's requirements. It's a great resource to ensure you're packing exactly what your camp recommends.



Now that you've secured your packing list, you can start preparing for camp and the earlier you begin your camp prep, the less stressful the process will be. Use your packing list as your guide and gather your items right here on our online store!

The final item to pack is your packing list itself! It’s a good idea to attach your packing list to the inside lid (if you have a camp trunk) or some visible spot in your container. Keeping your packing list around will make it easier to ensure that everything that went to camp is coming back!

Get a great head start on your camp prep with the information you’ve uncovered today and reduce the stress for yourself down the road! Thanks for reading, Folks. And, as always, Happy Camping!



- John


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