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Everything Summer Camp’s “No Drop Shipping” Policy

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Hey, Summer Camp Fans!

As modest as we remain at Everything Summer Camp, it’s hard not to talk about what excellence we show in terms of our concept, production, and customer service. Today I want to talk specifically about the no drop shipping policy we have here at Everything Summer Camp.

Why don’t we do Drop Shipping? Because Everything Summer Camp cares about you sending your kid to camp on time. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

First of all, let me explain what Drop Shipping even is. Drop shipping is when a retailer (unlike Everything Summer Camp) sells an item that they don’t produce or keep in stock. The retailer instead transfers the customer’s order and shipment details to another company that actually produces and/or ships the goods directly to that customer then.

So I would imagine then, that it makes you feel much better to know that there’s companies out there who you can trust who don’t Drop Ship and hand over your order to someone else to finish off the job. We respect our customers too much to do that to them.

Everything Summer Camp NEVER Drop Ships. When you place an order at Everything Summer Camp, we either have it in stock or we make it ourselves. Your business with us stays between us—we never involve a “middle man” to complete your order!

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That’s how we know you’ll receive your full order on time—because we’re in charge of it. We take full responsibility over it. Many camp outfitters rely on other companies to fulfill your order—they don’t have full control. Why place your trust in multiple companies and have to wait for multiple packages?

Everything Summer Camp is your reliable one stop online shop for anything and everything you might need at camp this summer. Place an order with us and we will make sure you receive everything at the same time, on time.


- John
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