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Everything Summer Camp Pop Up Soft Trunk and Patch Set

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Hey, Camp Fans!

No matter how many different items of camping gear we carry, here at Everything Summer Camp, our pride and joy will always be our C&N Footlockers. Our big, strong, durable trunks, unfortunately, may not always be what you’re looking for to send your kid off to camp with—it’s understandable. Our camp trunks are large, and sometimes, you Pop Up Soft Trunkmight not have a place to go with it after camp is over.

Well, we’ve already thought of that. It’s the reason why we offer our amazing Pop Up Soft Trunk™ duffel bags. Once summer camp comes to an end, Pop Up Soft Trunk™ can be collapsed to lie it flat for easy storage underneath a bed or tucked away in a closet!

This summer you can take this soft footlocker that’s got plenty of pockets to camp with you. The Pop Up Soft Trunk™ is just what you’ll need to move your camp gear with absolute convenience and ease! Rolling on smooth inline skate wheels, the Pop Up Soft Trunk™ is the best soft trunk for you at summer camp!

It may not be a C&N Footlocker, but you can certainly live out of this soft trunk with comparable comfort for the duration of your camp stay. This wire-framed Pop Up Soft Trunk™ is built to last. It maintains its traditional camp trunk shape even after you empty its contents. The frame is really what separates the Pop Up Soft Trunk™ from other ordinary duffel bags.

And now you can personalize your Pop Up Soft Trunk™ with a set of customizable name patches. You can choose your camp logo (if available) or icon, background color, and text. The Pop Up Soft Trunk™ can accommodate two small patches, one on the front and one on the top. This Patch Set includes both patches. Thanks for reading, Campers! Till next time!


- John
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