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Escape to Camp Ozark

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Here is our last submission from our August ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest entries. The coronavirus has had a huge impact on everyone—camp included. And, though many kids were unable to attend camp this summer, we still wanted to hear from you. We asked to hear from kids who weren’t able to attend camp this season to record this very unusual time in our world.

This last submission for our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest comes from Kathryn M. who sent her two kids to Camp Ozark. Here’s her submission:

“Our 2 week epic family vacation was cancelled as a result of COVID and so finding something to fill summer while being safe was difficult. We felt at ease with all the precautions and testing that Ozark planned to do and were able to sign our two kids up last minute as a result of so many cancellations. It was the first time at sleep away camp and they LOVED it. To have time to play and celebrate with new friends and forget about the global pandemic for a few days was such a blessing. Aidan & Cavan came home raving about their experiences and talking about all the future years they will be able to go to Ozark - Bleed Blue (they were assigned the Osage team...for life!)”

This pandemic certainly has put the kibosh on a lot of typical summer fun that families look forward to each year. I’m sorry that your epic family vacation turned out less than epic, but it’s very cool that you were able to send your kids to sleepaway camp before it was too late! That’s great that Aidan and Cavan are now registered 'bluebloods' and that they had such a positive experience for their first summer camp stay! Hopefully next year your family can fit in an epic vacation and Camp Ozark for your children! Thanks for the sharing your story, Kathryn!

If anybody else is interested in Camp Ozark for a future camp stay, you can visit their website by clicking right here. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


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