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Enjoy Your Chocolate Cake Today

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Hey, Readers!

Are you crazy about chocolate cake? Go crazy! It’s Chocolate Cake Day. You’re certainly far from the only one.

Actually, people have been enjoying chocolate cake for thousands of years. Believe it or not, the ancient Egyptians were pretty good bakers. I imagine you may feel some astonishment to read that cake baking is an ancient practice—but it’s true.

You may also have a false picture in your head which is making it hard for you to see it. If chocolate cakeyou’re thinking of a round, two-layer cake cloaked in a beautiful coat of chocolaty frosting, then you’ve got the wrong idea. See cakes back then weren’t nearly the same as cakes that we know today.

When chocolate was first discovered by people, it caught on immediately. It quickly exceeded gold in value and different variations of chocolate beverages (hot chocolate, chocolate milk) became the popular drink. All that chocolate cake used to mean was simply a spice cake that you ate while enjoying a chocolate drink.

At that time nobody really knew how to bake with chocolate. It wasn’t until some time around the 1830s that people got the idea to use chocolate in the icing of a white or yellow cake. And so ‘chocolate cake’ came to suggest any kind of a white or yellow cake that had chocolate icing on it.

It was another 20 years before bakers finally discovered how to use chocolate as an actually baked ingredient in the cake. This practice still took some time before chocolate cakes started to look the way they do nowadays. After the turn of the century , the very beginning of the 1900s is when chocolate cake really started to look like the chocolate cake that we know today.

Happy Chocolate Cake Day, Everybody and thanks for reading!


- John
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