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En Garde!

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Closely resembling swordfighting, Fencing is an awesome, adventuresome activity that your camper could have the opportunity to engage in possibly during their summer camp stay or private courses. Fencing participants are dressed in padded gear which is loaded with sensors which are marking points scored by your opponent.

Despite the similarities to swordfighting, Fencing has an incredibly low injury rate when compared to other sports such as soccer or gymnastics. Participants are protected by a ton of padding and a full facemask. Also, the blades are not sharp and come to a blunt end. With no risk to injury of the eyes or face, the rare Fencing injuries are ones you would expect in any other sport.

A Thinker’s Sport
You’ll hear Fencing referred to as a physical game of Chess from time to time because of how much thought is involved in this active activity. Fencing will teach you to read subtle clues and react quickly to them. Benefiting both the brain and the body, Fencing is one sport where you need to perform mentally just as much as you do physically!

Sweatin’ to the Swordplay
Fencing gets the heart pumping! There’s a lot of back and forth involved along with lunges and quick recoveries. It builds lung capacity and gives you endurance. It’s also and exercise in strength training because holding the correct form, while holding your sword, and lunging, and striking, or avoiding a hit builds muscle and core strength.

Feels Good to Fence
Whether you win or lose, Fencing is fun! You can always look back at your performance and feel satisfied for doing the best you could! It’s easy to learn from your mistakes when you examine your game! And, like a team sport, kids are constantly practicing against and alongside each other, building friendships and bonding through a shared experience.

Look into your camp and see if they offer Fencing for your next season of summer camp! And look into taking a class if your interests are that high! Have fun with Fencing and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


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