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Employers Beware….Today Is Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun Day!

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Hey, Hard Workers!

Today is Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun Day. The point of this day isn’t so much to get employees to play hooky from their jobs but more so to remind bosses that a fun atmosphere in the workplace is beneficial not just to employees but to their work performance and thus the company as well.Have fun at work day

As any computer software company will reveal, a loose, fun work environment produces happy employees yielding better results in efficient and creative work. Unlike a computer software company—our jobs may not provide a loose enough setting for, say, a foosball table in the break room. But despite that, any job can offer its employees a fun environment.

Maybe not everybody’s workplace can be fun, but everybody is here at Everything Summer Camp today because our company is a fun place to work.

Everything Summer Camp offers a good assortment of jobs: we have our production department where our camp trunks are manufactured, our graphics production, our screen printing shop for camp clothing, our call center, the offices, and the shipping department. The people in each department are typically in a good mood.

It’s never unlikely to find a harmless prank in action around the office or to see a group taking a quick break with some Mad Libs. Having characters around the office and people who are happy to be there is great for morale and good day of solid work!

We may play hard but we work hard as well. And playing hard actually helps us to work hard! It’s not just us at Everything Summer Camp either. It’s people in general. A happy brain makes for a hard worker. It’s as simple as that. So make sure that your employees are enjoying their jobs—especially today (or else they may not show up)!

Thanks for reading, Camp Folks! Till next time.


- John


*NOTE* Everything Summer Camp does not actually recommend that anyone skip work today in order to celebrate the “holiday”. Just try to make work fun for yourself if it isn’t already.

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