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Employee Bio: Missy

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Hey, Summer Camp Fans!

It is my great pleasure to virtually introduce you to our Receptionist here at Everything Summer Camp. Meet Missy. Missy is the first person you’ll see when you walk into our Main Building. Warm, and incredibly friendly, Missy is always there to help.

Hired on last year for our seasonal help in the Call Center, Missy showed exceptional skills in customer service where she handled inbound calls and the infrequent “problem order.” Soon after last year’s busy season came to an end, she was asked to stay at Everything Summer Camp year-round as the Receptionist.

She still answers customer calls when they go to overflow, so if you call us on a busy day to order a trunk or a duffel bag, there’s a chance you’ll get to talk to her on the phone.missy

Missy’s favorite part about her job is the variety of duties it entails. From handling camp clothing to checking in all of the cool personalized items like name labels that we make in our own facility through to shipping, Missy truly plays a vital role in making sure that your orders containing customized items are sent out to you just the way that you wanted it!

Aside from handling orders, Missy also handles important spreadsheets upon more important spreadsheets concerning information about our new system after all the changes we’ve made to our Web site as well as all of our sales reports and receiving all applications that we get for Everything Summer Camp.

Missy never did go to summer camp, though she did something much braver! She was a Girl Scout Leader for girls in the first grade. How did she get involved in that? Because Missy’s job stretches beyond her work here at Everything Summer Camp.

Missy goes home to her farm where she lives with her husband, Mike, and their three kids—Chelsea, Morgan, and Luke.

Our thanks goes out to Missy for her fine work as well as all of you readers for getting to know us better at Everything Summer Camp, one person at a time.


- John


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