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Employee Bio: Matt

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Hey, Boys and Girls!

You’re in for a real treat! Today’s post is now the fourth installment of this blog’s employee spotlights. Allow me to virtually introduce you to the Sales Director of Everything Summer Camp, Mr. Matthew Stephen DeMuth.  Our sales person Matt

With his crazy sense of humor, solid determination, and wild eccentricities, Matt has played a vital role in helping kids get their camp trunks and camping gear on time, the growth of Everything Summer Camp, and the overall shaping of our company for almost eight years.

It’s really sort of a fluke that Matt started working here in the first place. He had posted a résumé online. When we caught sight of it, it got printed out and, somehow, mixed in with a stack of résumés from actual applicants.

Though, he previously had no idea that such a company existed—much less was he trying to apply for any position here, we asked if he wanted to come in for an interview anyway and he accepted.

Brought on as the manager of our Call Center, Matt spoke on the phone to any summer camp with whom we did business. But he showed a great knack for building a rapport from camps that we didn’t already work with.

As a result, he was officially made our Camp Liaison, put in charge of managing each and every camp account that he pursued and acquired. Matt has since embraced his role of building relationships with camps. He spends a good number of workdays visiting summer camps all around the country.

Turning working relationships that he has with camps into friendships is his favorite part of the job. Matt doesn’t just work hard, though. He’s often times the straw that stirs the drink around the office and really contributes to the family we have at Everything Summer Camp.

Whether it’s his goofy office pranks or our cherished Question of the Day tournaments (in which he asks the employees here random trivia questions like what are the three types of clouds), he continually helps to unite us.

Aside from work, Matt’s a family man. He cherishes his wife and twins every day. He enjoys the outdoors as often as he can. He likes hunting and fishing and he’s crazy about sports. Nowadays he’s grown accustomed to the ways of the office though he sometimes misses his days as a traveling country music singer.

Still, Matt will always remain passionate about singing, playing the harmonica, and life in general.

Until next time, Campers! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John



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