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Emma's First Year at Camp

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Your camp stories for the Everything Summer Camp ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest were all so great! I had such a fun time reading through them all and now I’m excited to be sharing them with all our readers here on the Blog! Since I’ve finished announcing our ten lucky winners who took larger prizes, I’ve moved on to the rest of your submissions and we’re posting each submission one by one!

The following post is from Emma M. who wrote in to tell us about her first summer stay at Camp Nokomis. Here it is:


“This was my first time going away—ever—and I had asked my mom to go for a couple of years. I was so excited when she said yes, as my best friend had been going and wanted me to go with her. Well we ended up not only being in the same cabin but we were bunk mates. I was away for two weeks and as much as I missed my family, I had the most amazing time. My mom hooked me up with all the right stuff to take to camp. I loved my trunk (had the colors of a watermelon), but I think my favorite thing was my camp chair and my floor mat. Everyone in my cabin was so jealous! In fact I’m going to get a camp chair for a friend of mine, who went to camp for the first time this year too. She loved it as much as I did. It was an incredible 2 weeks and I can’t wait for next summer!! Maybe I’ll go for 4 weeks!?”


Wow! What a great first year, Emma! I’m glad camp was such a hit for you. That’s great that you got to join your friend this year and be bunkmates at camp—how lucky! I’m glad that you didn’t let your homesick feelings prevent you from having such a good time! Of course, we’re thrilled to hear that your trunk and camp gear from our shop was the talk of your cabin. That’s really thoughtful of you to get a camp chair for your friend! Thanks for sharing with us, Emma.

For everyone else, give Camp Nokomis a closer look. Check it out for yourself by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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