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Emma T. does the Camp Thing!

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We loved the large response we got to our annual ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest at Everything Summer Camp! It started back in 2018 and I’m still publishing your submissions one by one right here on the Blog. Your stories were fantastic and it’s such a fun time reading through them! Enjoy another one right now!

Today’s post comes from Emma T. who wrote in to tell us about her really fun camp stay at Birch Trail Camp for Girls. Get a look at today’s submission about her stay: Great fun awaits you this summer at Birch Trail Camp for Girls!

This was my first year at Birch Trail. My favorite part of the summer was going on a climbing trip on Lake Superior. We got to climb indoors (because it rained) and outdoors above the lake. I made a lot of new friends on my trip, and the scenery was really beautiful. Another thing I really liked was the color war (aka TIAD). It made me grow out of my comfort zone and try new things like cheering loudly and getting messy. I was on the red Brules. Each team is named after a river in Wisconsin. We got to wear red costumes. Birch Trail is the best because of all of our traditions that go back to 1959. My mom and my aunt went to the camp, and it is fun being a second generation camper. I like that they let us be independent and they don't make us do things we don't want to do. The counselors and staff are very friendly and nurturing. The director is fun and funny. I could be myself and be casual. ‘No mean girls’ is a big theme, so there is always a safe place to go at camp. It is easy to make new friends since everyone is so kind and friendly. I loved my camp big sister. She always was there for me and helped me with the climbing wall. Everyone should go to BT. It's the most awesome camp!

Awesome, Emma! Sounds like a really fantastic and well-rounded camping experience! The trip to Lake Superior sounds pretty wonderful. And it’s great to hear that you enjoyed the push that the Color War gave you outside your comfort zone. I too am not used to being loud or making a mess of myself, but it’s fun to live a different lifestyle for a little while—just to test it out. Sounds like Birch Trail was the perfect summer escape for you! Thanks for sharing, Emma!

If anyone else is interested in Birch Trail Camp for Girls for their next summer adventure, be sure to check them out some time and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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