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Emily Susan B. and her Merrie Woode Stay

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Hey, Camp Fans!

With absolute delight, we’re sharing the submissions we received for our 2018 ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest in which we asked campers and parents alike to write in about how their camp experience turned out. We got such a great turnout that we’re still sharing them this far into 2019! Here is another installment to our contest collection! Read up on Emily Susan B.'s stay at Merrie Woode!

Today’s submission comes from Emily Susan B. who spent her summer at Camp Merrie Woode! Check it out:

Gaining Confidence

I have been going to Merrie Woode for the past eight years and I love it so much. They have one of the best Boating programs I’ve ever seen. But it takes a lot of confidence to be able to do some of the skills and I have normally been scared to do a lot of them. With the counselors’ help I learned how to do a roll in a kayak. One of the most fun things I got to do was when the little girls got to sit on my bait and try to flip me over! They were laughing and trying to flip me and I wasn’t Scared because I had confidence in the skills I have learned. Summer camp has given me great confidence to do things that I would never do at home. For example, the boating but also in many other areas like nature and archery. I am so glad I have gotten the great opportunity to go to camp.

Awesome, Emily! One thing that you can be sure camp will do for you is give you an experience which results in a definite confidence booster! It’s great to hear you express your appreciation for this great personal development. Camp certainly helps you discover your confidence, but you’re the one that allows it to blossom! Well done, Emily. To anybody else interested in Camp Merrie Woode for their future camp stay, check them out sometime and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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