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Embrace Your Geekiness Day

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Hey, Geeks!

Today is National Embrace Your Geekiness Day. In this day and age, we all know that ‘geek’ isn’t the offensive old term that it used to be back in the 80’s—HECK!—it’s just about a compliment at this point, isn’t it? After all, a geek is simply someone who’s typically eccentric and an all-out enthusiast or even as cool as an expert when it comes to a particular subject, hobby, or other activity.

That’s why everyone here at Everything Summer Camp is geekin’ out about one of our latest additions to our very own, Life of Camp clothing line. We were so wowed with what Juliann (our Graphic Artist) came up with the first time around that we wanted to see what she could do with a second run at it.

We now present to you the Camp Geek Tee. Camp Geek T-Shirt from Everything Summer Camp

Accompanying our Camp Along (if you feel like that’s what you wanna do) Tee and our Campiness is the Truth Tee, we’re expecting our new Camp Geek Tee to be a major summer camp hit!

If you’re an absolute GEEK when it comes to summer camp, then this T-shirt is just for you! Let everyone at camp know who and what you are with your very own ‘Camp Geek’ shirt in white, orange, or gold. Say it loud and say it proud: “I’m a Camp Geek!”

Geeky artwork accompanied by a fun font, this shirt is sure to become a camp classic AND, in honor of Embrace Your Geekness Day, it’s on sale right now! Get your Camp Geek Tee for less than ten bucks as opposed to its full price at $14.99. If you’re a real geek when it comes to camp, you’ll want to embrace your geekness and act fast on this sale too; it ends on Tuesday, July 15.

As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!

- John

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