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Earth Day (the Other Mother's Day)

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Hello, People of Earth!

Today we celebrate the annual event known as Earth Day! A day designated for being more conscientious about our effect on the environment. You can do your part today by picking up litter around your neighborhood, walking or riding a bike instead of driving, and using less energy around the house.

Even if your cleanup is as simple as picking up any litter that’s blown into your yard, it’s doing your part. And if everyone did the same, that would be amazing! Can you imagine the impact it would make if everyone took care of the trash in their yards and the streets outside their houses?

As we find ourselves in the full swing of Spring, it’s therapeutic for folks to want to tidy up the space around them—inside AND out! Spring Cleaning is a great feeling whether your feather dusting the furniture or eliminating the gathering of trash left behind by melted snowbanks.  Happy Earth Day, folks!

Freewheeling trash will take a long time to break down, decompose, and return to the earth so it’s really good not to engage in an inconsiderate act such as littering. And it’s even better to take the initiative to pick litter up yourself. Depending on what the trash is, it can be dangerous to the wildlife that live around you such as birds and squirrels. Not to mention, it’s simply an eyesore—why create an ugly environment for ourselves as opposed to the unwavering beauty of the Earth throughout the natural cycles?

Celebrated the world over for nearly the last 50 years, one U.S. Senator from Wisconsin (Everything Summer Camp’s home state!) named Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day. He felt compelled to create a day to focus on the environment after a devastating oil spill in Santa Barbara, California.

As people, we make mistakes. Sometimes our mistakes can have negative effects on the world we live in. But we can always fix our mistakes. Happy Earth Day, Everybody. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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