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Dreamy Anokijig

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Obviously, summer camp is a pretty big deal to us. Our name sort of gives that away. And, since we work with so many of them across the country, we like to take some time each month to highlight a couple of the summer camps with whom we’re proud to have such a strong relationship. For today’s Blog post, we’re going to stick right in our home state of Wisconsin where Everything Summer Camp operates to highlight the much-deserving Camp Anokijig (pronounced Ann-oh-kee-jee). 

Nestled between the gentle rolling hills of southeastern Wisconsin is the beautiful Elkhart Lake, born of glacial formation and gifted with a wooded shoreline that Native Americans once called home. Still the same gorgeous almost 400 acres of land it was way back then, this place has been the home of Camp Anokijig since 1926.

Always presenting a fun summer for their campers, Camp Anokijig offers awesome activities for you to choose and focus on. Learn new skills that you discover at camp from options that include Canoeing, Archery, Swimming, Sports, Fishing, Arts/Crafts, Nature, Trailcrafts, Kayaking, Windsurfing, and much, much more. The activities offered at Anokijig are not only a blast for the campers, but incredible learning experiences for them as well.

The main sight when you get to camp is the huge rustic Western Lodge that overlooks the lake. With a large fireplace, PA system, movie screen, VCR, DVD, indoor heating, dining area, meeting space, and offices, this is the heart of Anokijig. Along with their Nature Center, souvenir shop, craft building, and outdoor lab, it’s clear to see this place is a fun factory!

Suited for your overnight stay, Camp Anokijig provides its campers a plethora of cabins and tents—each one offering a unique experience of the campus and the great outdoors! If Anokijig sounds like the place for you, give it a closer look! Check out their website by clicking right here and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


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