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Drawn To You

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Hey, Sketch Artists!

A powerful tool—the pencil—can create a visual masterpiece when directed by the skilled and developed hand. While a number of accessories with varying quality can be used, Drawing is one summer camp activity that really doesn’t take too many tools beyond a pencil and some paper. 

Much like the history of Painting, Drawing goes back to our time as cave dwellers when our ancient ancestors first discovered the ability to create images by dragging certain images across the cave walls. And voila—Drawing was invented!

Lots of people find themselves *ahem* DRAWN to Visual Art and Drawing in particular for its ability to express thoughts and feelings that we would otherwise have difficulty communicating. What else is there to appreciate about Drawing?

Learning to See

Creating your marks of Contour Line helps people to really pay attention to the object being drawn and see the shape and the detail of the object in a whole new way. You’ll find little tricks, like finding the halfway point of a line to more accurately record it or compare distance from one point to another to keep the proportion appropriate. You may be amazed to discover how much detail you push to your peripheral on a daily basis. 

Drawing Therapy from Art

Whether you’re drawing off a live model, copying an existing piece of visual art, or going off your own imagination, Drawing encourages slow, deliberate motion. It’s therapeutic. As a child I would draw to help relieve migraine headaches! Not to mention, a blank page—turned masterpiece makes for a nice boost in confidence for any artist as they view their finished work! Quite therapizing, indeed.  

Hand-Eye Teamwork

Knowing exactly what mark to make, where to make it, and how much pressure to apply as you move your hand across the paper is as beneficial as any video game when it comes to developing your hand-eye coordination. Strengthen your hand-eye coordination and try your hand to draw something today!

Due to its simplicity in set up and accessories, you should be able to find Drawing offered at pretty much any summer camp you check out. If you already have a camp in mind, you can check with them about they’re Drawing program by calling them up. Enjoy And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


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