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Hello, Outdoor Eaters!

Tomorrow gets two birds with one Blog post since it's both National Trail Mix Day AND National Eat Outside Day. And, because trail mix goes hand-in-hand with eating outside, it shouldn’t be too difficult to incorporate both! Find a delicious blend of trail mix for your taste buds and hit the trail with the most convenient snack you can pack along for the trip!

Spending time in the Great Outdoors is always such a refreshing experience. The deeper you head into it, the more refreshing it is. And the further you explore, the more energy you expend. But whether you’re out to see how many miles you can cover in one day or simply enjoying the wilderness in some gorgeous weather, it can take some serious energy to keep yourself going out there! 

That’s when you’re happy with yourself for having packed along a delicious snack that’s made to replenish the energy you’ve been using. It’s certainly an enjoyable time to have a sit-down on a sturdy log or a large, available rock and appreciate the food you’ve packed along. But trail mix offers you the ability to keep moving while you eat!

That’s why versions of trail mix have been around since basically forever. Ideal for any outing, trail mix is lightweight, long-lasting, easy-to-store, protein-packed, nutritious, tasty, and filling food! It’s been a popular favorite among nomadic tribes for thousands of years. It wasn’t called Trail Mix back then (it went by many names which you can read about by clicking here), but it was pretty much the same.

From explorers to soldiers, and cowboys, and hunters, people have always put their own spin on this ancient high-energy Travel Snack. Let us know what’s in your favorite Trail Mix blend and have a delicious and delightful adventure tomorrow. As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


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