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Don’t Hide Your Camp Trunk

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Hey, Footlocker Fans!

The time of summer camp has come to an end and a new school year is now here. Now that summer’s over you have no need for your camp trunk. Pack up your camping gear inside and store it away in the garage until next year, right?


Your C&N Footlocker wasn’t made for summer camp alone! Once summer’s over your trunk becomes an elegant piece of bedroom furniture! It’s sure to compliment your room and add even more of your personality to the atmosphere.

See, at Everything Summer Camp—the home of C&N Footlockers—we manufacture camp trunks that are meant to withstand some pretty rough treatment; but that’s not all. These trunks are attractive as they are strong. Our trunks have a romance to them—a very classical look.

We also enjoy taking that classical look and turning it on its ear with our fun and always exciting ways for you to personalize the look of your trunk. After all, it’s your camp trunk. Express yourself with awesome trunk decorating!mirror flowers

From nameplates to decals to colors and LidSkinz, Everything Summer Camp has awesome accessories to help you make your camp trunk a true work of art and unlike anyone else’s. It’s fun personalizing your own nameplate or LidSkinz!

With LidSkinz, the possibilities are limitless to top your footlocker! You choose from our abundant collection of colors, fonts, icons, backgrounds and even personalized text. We print the full color vinyl decal here in our facility and then cover the trunk with your creation.

If that doesn’t trip your trigger, check out our Create-Your-Own Footlockers! Enjoy total control over the look of these footlockers! Apply any of our 19 colors to any of the 10 trunk panels, and get your footlocker exactly the way you want it!

And remember—enjoy your footlocker year-round. Not just at summer camp!


- John
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