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Don’t Forget to Write!

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Summer gets busy fast—especially near the end; we all want to fit in as much fun in the sun as we can before the season ends. But make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to share your camp stories with the widespread camp community, not to mention win a cool participatory prize from Everything Summer Camp!Tell us about your camp experience this summer---we really want to know!

With August in full swing, there’s no time to dally! Get your memories written up and send your submissions into us—our final call is just two and a half weeks away on August 31.

Don’t forget: Everyone who submits gets a $15 gift certificate to Everything Summer Camp! But on top of that, the ante is getting upped for this year’s Camp Story Contest! Instead of seven, this year we’ll have ten random winners.

Our first randomized winner will receive our top prize of a $250 gift card to use on our website! Two more winners will receive $100 gift cards to our site. Three random winners will get $50 gift cards. And four random winners will receive $25 gift cards.

Articulating all your new camp experiences on paper helps you process and reflect on all the things you learned. If you’re not exactly sure what you’d like to write about, you can check out some ideas on the previous Share Your Camp Story post I wrote last month. Check it out by clicking here to see it.

In your submissions, please include your first name as well as your last name initial, what camp you visited, and how long you’ve been going to camp. Parents are more than welcome to send us their submissions to let us know how the camp experience was on their end too!

We enjoy hearing your camp stories so much we can barely wait to receive a fresh new collection of stories from this year! Share your stories by clicking right here. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


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