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Hey, Camp Fans!

Did you hear us ask how your camp stay went? Here at Everything Summer Camp, we’re begging to know. That’s why we’re asking for summer camp submissions from you to tell us about how you liked camp. We want to know about your accomplishments, friends, fears that were overcome, favorite parts of camp, or just a diary/journal-style submission recounting the jam-packed days of your camp experience.Got a camp story to tell? We want to hear it!

Now that August is coming to a close, there’s no more time to dally! Get your submissions into us now—there are only six days remaining! The deadline for these summer camp submissions is next week Monday!

Don’t forget: Everyone who submits gets a $15 gift certificate to Everything Summer Camp!

We will be selecting seven random winners. Our randomized first-place winner will receive a $100 gift card for our website. Then, we’ll pick two more winners randomly who will receive $50 gift cards to our site. And then, after that, four random winners will get our $25 gift cards. Everyone else who submits will be getting a $15 gift card just for your participation!

To remind you of some suggestions that I posted when I first announced children’s camp story submissions for the 2016 season in case it’s hard for you to single in on just one part of camp among all the fun times—here are some ideas:

You could submit something about what you thought was the most fun. Or you can share some things you learned whether they’re athletic skills, artistic skills, thinking skills, etc. You can give us stories about all the great people and all the camp friends you made. You can describe how it felt to be away from home and away from your parents. Or you can exercise your creative muscle and describe the beauty in the nature that surrounded you saw at camp.

In your submissions, talk about your summer camp and why you think it’s the best. Include your first name and your last name’s initial, what camp you visited, and how long you’ve been going to camp, please.

We loved hearing about your summer last year. We can’t wait to receive a fresh new collection of your summer stories from this year! Share your stories right here. As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


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