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Don’t Forget the Swimsuit for Gym Class

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Hey, Swim Fans!

Swimming isn’t quite the first thing that you think of when you think about school starting back up in the fall, but swim class is a pretty popular physical education course. Also, for those who love to swim simply for the sport of it, Everything Summer Camp has a wide selection of swimwear for boys and girls—both of excellent quality.

Shop Everything Summer Camp online and be prepared for swim class when your kid goes back to school. The pieces of swimwear that can be found at Everything Summer Camp are made using modern advancements in technology. They’re made to be more durable, sun resistant, and more fitting to your form. Put on these pieces for ultimate comfort, protection, and flexibility.Speedo Velocity eBoard Boy swim trunks

For boys, we have the Marina in Men’s, the Velocity Splice, and the men’s Wave Splice Volley Swim Trunks—all of them from Speedo. We also carry a short sleeve Swim Tee for boys from Speedo.

For girls we have the Speedo Racer Logo Splice, a single-piece swimsuit, the Speedo Love Burst three-piece Rashguard Set, including a two-piece swimsuit and then a matching rashguard, giving you more body coverage for greater sun protection, and the Speedo Girl’s Speedry Short—it uses VaporPLUS® technology to repel H2O in no time flat!

Everything speedo zipwalkerSummer Camp also has a large selection of footwear for swimming that you can wear from the pool to the locker room. We have swim slippers from Speedo like the ZipWalker as well as the SurfWalker along with other water-resistant shoes from Teva and Northside Brille II.

This fancy footwear for boys and girls is made to give you the extra traction necessary for walking on a typically slippery floor like the walk from the pool to the locker is sure to be.

Till next time, Readers!


- John
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