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Dollmaking 101

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Hey, Guys and Dolls!

You can enlist to do LOTS of different things during your stay at summer camp! Camps tend to offer lots of the same, more traditional activities like Archery and Zipline and typically a variety of more unique options. Perhaps the camp that you’re going to offers something you’re interested that’s a bit more unique such as Guitar Playing or Doll-Making. Let’s take a peek at the latter today and dive into the world of dolls.

The term ‘dolls’ refers to a wide variety of craft products. Most commonly thought of are probably baby doll toys. But this is just a drop in the bucket of the possibilities to what someone is referring to when they say call something a ‘doll’.

The vast majority of other types of dolls are more so along the lines of a figurine than they are a baby doll. The difference between a doll that’s made to cradle and burp is a crafted toy whereas many other styles of dolls are more like crafted collectibles. Here are a few different types of dolls you can make right home.

Who You Callin’ Mop Head?
Purchase a Mop Doll kit and follow simple instructions to make some cute dolls that are made using yarn that gets wrap around a dowel on a small base. You can put one together quickly and they are simple to make. They make for some adorable bedroom decor and toys for soft playing—they’re not action figures!

These Old Rags?
Rag dolls are another type of doll you can make that relies a bit more on your creativity, whereas Mop Dolls are more cut and dry. Like the ever-famous Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, this duo was made of rags. These traditionally homemade figures made of cloth are typically made from and stuffed with spare scraps of material laying around the house (though a trip to a supply store can help it along).

Bottle Baby
Lastly, we have water bottle dolls. Really…it’s an anything-that-works doll. With a similar concept to the Mop Dolls that use a wooden base and dowel for the body, this idea uses a water bottle (or, as I said already—anything that will work). Add a head with a wooden bead or whatever else you have layin’ around. Throw on some pipe cleaners or paperclips for arms. Add some felt for hair or clothing. There’s really no limit to your creativity for this one!

It will help move you along with a project to check out some ideas of what other people have done but be sure to add your own creative twist on your dolls. That way, they’ll be special just to you! Have fun with these potential projects and enjoy your doll making! As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


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