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Does YOUR head light up?

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Hey, Camp Fans!

An essential item that can be found on everybody’s packing list for summer camp is a reliable flashlight! As the Everything Summer Camp Flashlight Collection proves, sources of light come in all different shapes and sizes. After all, we’ve got the standard Handheld Flashlights, Digital Flashlight Clocks, Lanterns, AND Headlamps.

For those who are fed up, fumbling around with flashlights, Princeton Tec suggests that, in the fashion of a mining helmet, you simply wear a lamp on your head. For the last 40 years, Princeton Tec has managed to pave the way in the lighting industry by continuing to drive their technology forward thanks to their hard work, innovative thinking, and biomimicry—breakthroughs in technology inspired by the natural world around us.

The fearless team at Princeton Tec isn’t afraid to travel the planet by ocean, by air, by bike, or by foot in order to achieve the best possible understanding of the environment they’re attempting to brighten. Whether it means scaling mountains or walking on the ocean floor—Princeton Tec is either there or planning a trip for it.

Recently making the sixth addition to our assortment of available Princeton Tec A perfect light source for summer camp, the Princeton Tec SYNC is stylin'Headlamps, the SYNC Headlamp can now be found among the others here at Everything Summer Camp.

This Headlamp floods the night with piercing light. With settings for high and low flood, red LED, spot beam, and dual beam (for when the night goes pitch black). The Princeton Tec Sync Headlamp will burn for 75 hours at a powerful 90 Lumens. Casting a beam a maximum of nearly 200 feet, make the night bright with the Sync wrapped around your head.

Very durable and water-resistant, the SYNC Headlamp comes with the 3 AAA batteries it takes to run. Check it out for yourself right here. As always, thanks for reading.


- John

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