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Do You Remember Nate?

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Hey, Camp Fans!

While we here at Everything Summer Camp make all of our personalized products right here in our own, local facility, it does not happen at our Main Building. We have two facilities which are very close to each other. Just a few blocks away and over the railroad tracks is our second building—the print shop.

You may recall me introducing you to Nate, the manager of our print shop, in one of our posts past. About a year ago I talked a little bit about him and a lot of what he does around the workplace. Today, however, I want to scratch a little more off the surface to give you a better picture of what makes Nate tick.

Well, Nate was born and raised in Chippewa Falls where he continues to live currently. A Chippewian(?) his entire life, Nate’s only recently come close to ‘living’ in another town as he stayed in Bloomer while undertaking the construction of his new house himself!

Nate’s wife Katie and their two boys Eli and Alex (two and six) as well as Ella, their chocolate Lab/Doberman, patiently resided in Bloomer for the time being while Nate would spend some nights with them in Bloomer and the rest of his nights in a camper that he purchased for sleeping at the construction site.

His family was extremely excited to enter their new castle this year around the end of January.

And now that Nate can actually sleep inside his house, he plans on putting the camper to good use for camping trips with his family. He has fond memories from when he was younger of his family’s annual fishing trips that they’d take at Whitefish Lake in Canada. He’d like to recreate a camping tradition with his family now.

Thanks for reading, Camp Fans!

- John

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