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Do You Know What to Capture?

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Hey, Soldiers!

Capture-the-Flag is all fun and games, but don’t you dare let me catch you in my territory! I kid, of course. But this is one game that can feel incredibly intense…almost as if it isn’t actually a game at all! How does a children’s game get to feel so real? Well, other games can feel just as intense (Monopoly’s a good example) and they likely have ties to the real world.

And what do you suppose the origin of Capture-the-Flag is?Fly your flag!

An unlikely place to inspire a game, it’s actually the medieval battlefield that Capture-the-Flag is mimicking. The signal of a victor on the battlefield was signified with a captured flag of the opposing side.

So how do you play a game that’s based in medieval warfare? The playing ground is divided in half with both sides having a Flag (or an object that signifies one). Then, as the name would have you think, the objective is to capture the other team’s flag and bring it back to your own territory. It’s pretty much as simple as that.

Things can get complicated when a member of the enemy team tags you inside their territory. This means that you’ll be taken to an area that the opposing team has designated as their jail.

This is an extremely popular activity played at summer camp that, unlike other activities such as Archery or Horseback Riding, doesn’t necessarily have a laundry list of health benefits it delivers. But you can certainly pick up a thing or two on the battlefield—err…playing field.

If anything, I suppose you could credit Capture-the-Flag with a cardio workout. But this is a game that requires its players be patient, observant, sneaky, fast, and clever. But overall, Capture-the-Flag is FUN. It’s an incredibly engaging way to get a group of any size involved and creates an environment for friendships to flower!

If you played Capture-the-Flag this summer, I hope you enjoyed the intensity involved with this traditional camp activity. You can play this game with as few as two people; I have many fond memories of playing this game with my neighborhood friend growing up. If you love this game, find some other friends to play with and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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