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Do You Have Your Color War Items?

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Are you ready? Yes, being ready for camp is important, but more so I mean ready for war!—the Color Wars, that is. Everything Summer Camp is here to make sure that you arrive at camp ready to show everyone just whose side you’re on—so make sure that you’re dressed in the right colors when you arrive on the battlefield.

All NFL players know that they need to don their team’s uniform when they step out onto the field. If you plan on doing battle in the Color War, you’re going to need your team tee, specific to your team’s color in order for everyone to know just where your loyalties lie.

Keep it in mind while you’re out there this summer, kids—you’re nothing without you’re team. And your team is nothing without its color. When you get your own Color War Tee, you’re getting more than just a 100% cotton tee shirt in a specific color, you’re getting the bleed team shirtcamp spirit and lifeblood of your team! When you get a Color War Tee, you’re getting the armor that you’ll be fighting in.

All of our Color War Tee Shirts and Team Tees are printed right here in Everything Summer Camp’s own print shop, as well as all of our Name Labels, LidSkinz, and camp clothing.

When summer arrives and you arrive at summer camp, be sure that you know which side you’re on. There are a multitude of options with only one team to choose. What color’s your blood?

Till next time, Camp Fans!


- John
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