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Do You Dream o' Camp Fatima?

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Where are you heading for your camp experience this summer season? We love to talk up the camps with whom we’ve formed close relationships. Perhaps you’ll be attending the summer camp we’re featuring on today’s Summer Camp Spotlight. We’re swinging our spotlight to the east coast where we find Camp Fatima for Boys in New Hampshire.

This boys camp is located on Upper Suncook Lake in the beautiful town of Gilmanton Iron Works. Under the same organization as the boys camp, Camp Fatima sits only 30 minutes away from its sister camp, Camp Bernadette for Boys at Camp Fatima are excited to be there! Why not join the fun?!!Girls. Although they don’t share the same site, these camps are run together with regular get-togethers for events.

Camp Fatima has crafted itself to be a place where campers get the sense that they belong and have a welcoming environment that promotes friendships. Campers enjoy activities in this beautiful setting such as Canoeing and Fishing on the lakefront. On land, spend time sharpening skills in activities like Archery and Rock Climbing. They also offer a number of Arts & Crafts to encourage creativity!

Catholicism is essential to the Camp Fatima philosophy and it fills each day of the summer camp season. Loving and serving the community in Christ-like kindness is what Camp Fatima aims to instill in their campers. Campers attend weekly Mass services and Camp Fatima holds evening prayer sessions each night which they call “Shrine”.

Energy and positivity abound at Fatima. Campers are grouped with roughly ten other kids to bond with as cabin mates of the same age. You’re sure to have a great, fun, and spiritual time at Camp Fatima! If you’d like to look into Camp Fatima further for your own future experience, check them out some time. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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