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Hey, Happy Campers!

Finding the proper backpack that will suit you best for the travels you have planned is an essential part of your summer camp planning! That’s why we’re sure to carry quality brand names in backpacks like Osprey, The North Face, and JanSport. One of the latest names to be added to our collection is Deuter. Thrilled to offer this fantastic brand, I thought we might take today’s post to learn a little about this excellent brand name.

And since it’s the first question that people tend to have about this brand name, we’ll go right into how it’s even pronounced. Established in Gersthofen, Germany, you first need to put on your best German accent and then say their name as if it reads: Doy-tur.

Longer than any other backpack brand in the world, Deuter’s been in the backpack game since 1898! Time-tested and adventurer approved, Deuter has been expanding their business the world over and are currently represented in 45 countries!

It was almost 20 years back that Deuter set its sights here in the USA and opened a location in Longmont, Colorado. They were a hit! Despite a bit of difficulty in pronouncing it, Deuter made a big name for themselves here in the U.S. with more than 600 shops they distribute their packs to—one of which is yours truly, Everything Summer Camp! And, as we can attest to, Deuter is recognized all over the country by retailers like us as one of the best brands in the backpack industry.

From casual excursions to outright adventures, wherever you go, bring a Deuter Pack on your back when you hit the trails! You can check out our Deuter collection by clicking here. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


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