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Discount Through the Decade

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Here we are on the other side of the New Year, wasting no time to announce discounted prices yet again on our first sale of 2020! And, after such an incredible decade for Everything Summer Camp, this sale is a BIG Thank You to our customers for making it a great past ten years! We’re showing our gratitude with this 10% Off the Top 10 Products from the Last Decade Sale.
Once you’re finished perusing this post, make a stop at our online shop with this sale already in effect! That's right! Its going right here and right now! So how’s this sale work? Check out the details:




The majority of the products we have here at Everything Summer Camp haven’t been around for the whole last decade. The products available ten years ago that are still offered today have stood the test of time and are obviously popular pieces of camp equipment. We’re taking 10% off the price of the top 10 products from the last ten years.

Can I Code?

For those of our customers with a camp code to use, you’ll be happy to hear that your code will work in addition to this sale so can reap savings on top of your savings!

10% Off What?

I suppose you’d like to know what these top 10 products of the last ten years are exactly. Here you go:

So check out the products you can score for a great price. We will strive to make 2020 the launch of a brand new decade to bring even larger strides forward for Everything Summer Camp. Enjoy shopping our one-stop camping gear shop and let your savings make you smile! As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John



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