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Did You Make Someone’s Day Today?

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Hey there, Good Deed Doers!

Don’t we all just love it when some kind-hearted person holds the door open for us or lets us pass them in the grocery line? It’s wonderful to be on the receiving end of random acts of kindness like that, but that’s only half of what today’s about.

See, good deeds are a two way street. If you expect them to happen to you, then you in turn should do them for others—it’s the old Golden Rule that says “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Today is a day to celebrate acts of kindness. Make Someone’s Day Day is celebrated the world over. Do good deeds for others and Karma’s bound to come back to you (in a good way). In fact, doing good deeds for others usually gives you a good feeling. So a selfless act can actually benefit you (even though the good deed you did wasn’t really about you).

It’s called altruism. When you can learn to live without putting yourself first you become a more thoughtful, more considerate type of person. So get out there and make somebody’s day today! You can give up your seat on the bus, leave your money in a vending machine, or give somebody an unexpected compliment.

Doing small and unexpected good deeds for a friend is great. Doing them for a stranger is even better. Maybe your good deed isn’t for a person at all. Pick up litter in the streets and do the planet a favor! Or maybe you can volunteer at your local Humane Society to help take care of some animals that could use your help.

It really doesn’t matter who (or what) the good deed is for, the important part is to put that goodness into the world. Remember: what goes around comes around. And, HEY! By the way—what exceptional readers you all are! Thanks for reading this post!


- John
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