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Dell Does Well

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Hey, Camp Fans!

You know who else is a fan of summer camp? As well as founder and chief executive of Dell computers Michael Dell is a former summer camper. In fact, this isn’t the first Blog post I’ve posted about Mr. Dell. But in our country’s time of need throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Michael Dell has decided to forgo his salary for this year and contributed $100 million to help fight the current pandemic.

In his previous post, we learned about his upbringing in Houston, Texas as well as his time spent at Camp Champions along the shores of Lake LBJ near Marble Falls. But that first post only scratched the surface. Let’s learn more about this business mogul right now!

A wunderwhat?! A wunderkind refers to somebody who is very successful for their age. That’s exactly what Michael Dell was in his freshman year of college. He brought in $50-80,000 from his dorm room by supplying his fellow students as well as his teachers with computer services. It was easy after this to convince his parents he didn’t need college.

$100 million donated to the fight against the coronavirus is a huge amount of money, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to his total donations he’s made throughout his life. He’s currently at donated $1.5 billion to charity and he’s always giving more.

AI Deny
While contemporary thinkers and theorists such as Elon Musk or Michio Kaku have thrown in their warnings of the potential for AI (or artificial intelligence) to be developed beyond the control of mankind, leading to a takeover from digital and robotic entities. Michael has made himself clear that he does NOT believe AI takeover is a possibility.

On behalf of Everything Summer Camp, we’d like to say thank you to Michael Dell for his generous donations in response to the coronavirus pandemic. To everyone else, stay healthy and active. And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John


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