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Deep in the Hilly Texan Heart

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We’ve got the itch, here at Everything Summer Camp, to spread the word about the awesome camps with whom we’ve formed tight bonds and relationships. It should come as no surprise to our readers of the camp community that we love these camps so much—we work with over 270 of them! And today we’re spotlighting a beautiful Texas camp—Heart O’ the Hills All Girls Camp!Heart O' the Hills is in the Heart of Texas Hill Country!Founded in 1953, Heart O’ the Hills sits on the Guadalupe River’s South Fork in Hunt, Texas, at the heart the beautiful Texan Hill Country. Each summer, for well over 50 years, Heart O’ the Hills has shown more than 150 young women the time of their lives.

Girls who find themselves at Heart O’ the Hills are treated to two to four weeks of engaging and exciting activities such as Western Horseback Riding, Red Cross Swimming Instruction, Archery, Riflery, Tennis, Cooking, Fencing, Climbing, Video, Wilderness Survival, as well as a great range of individual and team sports.Go horseriding at Heart O' the Hills!

Through the power of friendship and teamwork, Kitty Magee—the previous director of the neighboring Camp Mystic—reluctantly took the job as Heart O’ the Hills Camp Director. Despite her experience, Kitty was reluctant because now she had a five-year-old daughter and a family life to maintain. But she couldn’t let her community down and rose to the challenge anyway.

Heart O’ the Hills campers are assigned to cabins or ‘tepees’—as they’re called at the camp. The youngest campers stay in smaller tepees that typically house five Have a blast at Heart O' the Hill!campers and a cabin leader while the older campers live in groups of 12 with four cabin leaders as well. Heart O’ the Hills tepees all have a bathroom and a sizable closet. Each tepee is named after a flower or tree that’s a Texas native.

If Heart O’ the Hills sounds like a great camp choice for you, give it a closer look and visit their website sometime. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


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