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Hey, Avid Readers!

We’re sure to offer a satisfying book selection for all the summer camp kids who just can’t stop turning the page. We have our ‘Great Titles’ section which includes a couple books under the ‘Vampire Academy’ series. And it also has a couple children’s books about camp by Elliot Sloyer. We also offer the ‘Camp Confidential’ collection in its current entirety. And—who could forget—we have a great selection of the childhood favorite, the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ series.Read a book and choose how it goes!

The only books where the plot relies on the reader’s choices, Choose Your Own Adventure Books have been an ongoing classic book series since 1979! They got their start back then by a man named Ray Montgomery who got the seed of the idea for his book series during his time as a summer camp counselor at Pine Island in Maine. It was there that he first realized how essential interaction was for kids in the learning process.

After his days as a counselor, he established his own summer school to introduce kids to similar activities that he imparted at Pine Island. And with time came his idea for an interactive book series as well! After Ray passed away, the family thought of licensing the series to a new publisher, but eventually decided to reissue the series themselves. In 2006, they founded Chooseco to re-publish the series.

Through these books, children’s imaginations enter worlds of intriguingly interactive tales in science fiction, fantasy, and adventure where the ending depends on your decisions throughout. Choose Your Own Adventure books make a great ‘reread’ too since the story can end up entirely different! Perfect for a rainy day or reading in bed before ‘lights out’, have your pick from our excellent array of adventures in this book series which can be found by clicking here. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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