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Dandy Dandelions

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Hey, Springtime Fans!

It’s easy to see that Spring is in full swing as we now sit on the other side of Easter Sunday. As the world comes back to life for all of us who have seen our way through another cold and snow-filled winter, today is National Dandelion Day. The birds are chirping, the grass is greener, and those cute, little yellow ‘flowers’ start poking up in droves once the weather is right! 

It’s no secret that dandelions are a weed. There’s lots of folks who go through plenty of effort and/or expense to entirely eradicate these cute and sunny symbols of spring from their lawn. Others will rejoice to see them back and pick them just for their own display and enjoyment. Not only do they look nice (in the eyes of the right beholder), but they offer some great health benefits to people as well.

Of course, should you happen to find some growing in an otherwise pristine yard, it likely means that they fought past the chemical that was sprayed, in which case you don’t want to consume it. But wild dandelions on untreated land yield great effects.

All parts of the dandelion are valuable. The leaves, stem, and head are all an awesome and edible source of potassium. Potassium is an electrolyte as well as a mineral—one that naturally stimulates your heartbeat. Potassium is beneficial in aiding your kidneys as they filter out toxins and improve your blood flow. Check out a few different ways to eat this yellow weed. 

Dandelion Tea
Also found in traditionally packaged tea bags at most grocery stores, Dandelion Tea is easy to make at home too. Just pick your weeds, clean them, lightly roast them (optional), and stick them in a disposable tea bag or tea infuser. 

Dandelion Salad
Even easier than making tea is throwing dandelion pieces into a fresh garden salad. Mix the leaves in with some lettuce or spinach and other leafy greens of your choice along with other vegetables and dandelion stems and heads!

Dandelion Sandwich
Put them between two pieces of bread as well! Dandelion leaves, stems, and heads are delicious on a piece of bread with butter or maybe some avocado spread across it.

Dandelions are a treat to eat as they only come around once a year and—best of all—they’re free! Unless your family sprays the lawn, chances are you’ll have a dandelion or two poking up in your yard pretty soon if not already! Pick them as they pop up and put any one of these weedy menu items to the test! Enjoy the spring weather, Everybody. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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