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Dancing King

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Hey, Dance Fans! 

Dance is one among many of the performance arts to be offered as an activity at summer camp. If you’re interested in stretching your skills, you can seek out the summer camps that offer Dance as an activity. On this Blog, we like to zero in on some of the record setters and pioneers of sports, crafts, and other summer camp activities. And who else to highlight as a pioneer in the field of Dance other than the great Gene Kelly? 

Gene Kelly, of course, is considered one of the best dancers of all time. He performed in films throughout the 1940s and 1950s, striking it really big in 1952 with the production of the smash hit musical ‘Singin’ in the Rain’. Starring alongside fantastic co-stars and performers, let’s take a look at this trio. 

Gene Kelly
Hailed as the world’s greatest dancer, Gene actually dreamt of becoming a baseball player when he was little. His mother, however, had a different plan for her son, enrolling him in dance lessons. He wanted to quit at first because he would get teased, but he soon realized girls loved a boy who could dance! 

Debbie Reynolds
Debbie Reynolds was certainly made famous by her breakout role in ‘Singin’ in the Rain’, but her career had really kicked off several years prior when she won the Miss Burbank beauty pageant in California. She was offered a $65-a-week contract—much more than the free scarf and blouse, the sole reason she entered the competition. 

Donald O’Connor
Born into a family that traveled as a Vaudeville team, Donald’s family moved around so much that neither of his parents could recall where and when he was born. Donald was once quoted saying, "I was about 13 months old, they tell me, when I first started dancing…they'd hold me up by the back of my neck and they'd start the music, and I'd dance. You could do that with any kid, only I got paid for it." 

With jaw-dropping performances, these three dancers put together an unforgettable production that still has the ability to wow audiences today! If you haven’t seen ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ I highly suggest you check it out and discover why these three dancers are obvious honorable mentions for their work in this movie. Keep on dancin’! And, as always, thanks for reading. 


- John


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