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Cross off Camp Prep for Next Season Right Now!

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Hey, Camp Folks!

When’s the best time to start planning for next year's summer camp season? RIGHT NOW! That may sound a little too ahead of the game for some of you, but this tactic works great thanks to its ‘top of mind’ benefit. After all, everything is fresh in your camper’s head right now and you can see for yourself the condition certain items are in WHILE you’re unpacking.

Find out what worked well and what didn’t. What needs repair or what needs to be replaced during the process of unpacking and set yourself up for success in next year’s summer camp season RIGHT NOW!

Where to Begin…

Start by reviewing your child's packing list. Did they bring back everything they took to camp? If any items are missing, it's wise to reach out to the camp to inquire if they might have them in their lost and found.

…On to Apparel

Next, let's assess the camp clothing your child brought home. Sometimes you can save these clothes for next year's camp adventure, but if they've outgrown the clothes or you no longer need them, consider donating them, passing them down to a younger sibling, or, if they're beyond repair, bid them farewell.

Clear the Gear.

Now, it’s time to inspect the camp gear. Check for broken or damaged items, such as flashlights or fans. Doing this will identify gear that needs replacing for the upcoming camp season. Why wait until spring when you can take advantage of end-of-season sales and secure high-quality products for your camper?

Straight from the Camper’s Mouth!

Engage your kids in a conversation about their summer camp experience while the memories are still fresh. Ask them about the gear they used—what worked and what didn't? Was the sleeping bag warm enough, or did it make them feel like they were roasting in a bonfire? Maybe the backpack was too small to fit all their essentials.

Gather this feedback and use it to make informed choices when purchasing new gear for next year. Some parents take notes to use the following year while some take advantage of end-of-season sales and stock up on what their camper will need ahead of time.

A Method to the Unpacking Madness:

Your next step in the unpacking process is to divide items into two groups: those to store away until next year and those to use up now.

Items to Use up Now

Use up any liquid toiletries, like sunblock and bug repellent, this summer, as their effectiveness may diminish over time.

Items to Store Away

For the items to be stored away, remove the batteries from any battery-operated devices. And when it comes to storing your camp trunk or duffel, choose a location wisely. If storing in a garage or basement, ensure it's off the ground to protect it from the cold concrete floors that can slowly damage the trunk over time. Consider using a Moso Air Purifying Bag to ward off moisture and mildew and keep things smelling fresh.


I hope these tips help you navigate the post-summer camp season with ease and make next year's camp prep a fraction of the work! Thanks for reading today's Blog post and, as always, Happy Camping!


- John


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