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Crazy Good Camp Chairs!

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Hey, Camp Buddies!

Today’s blog post shines the spotlight on another company whose excellent product we offer. Previously, we took a look at Woolrich, discussing the products they make, their early beginnings, and the company’s longevity.

This blog post features everyone’s favorite camp chair place: Crazy Creek which has been bringing comfort to the outdoors since 1987. A very good year as it was the same one that delivered the birth of Everything Summer Camp!

It all started on a dark and stormy night in Colorado when Rob Hart and his Outward Bound campers found themselves wet, glum, and sitting on fallen logs and tree stumps. Camping is hard enough with weather that agrees, but without that weather, camping wasn’t very comfortable.

Rob knew it didn’t have to be that way, but how? He knew he wanted something better to sit on, but what? You can’t expect to go camping carrying a lawn chair on your back!

But it wasn’t long until the idea came to him, based on an old wooden canoe chair that Rob’s grandfather used to use on camping trips. Rob went straight to work creating many different designs and prototypes until he had come up with a warm, dry, and cushioned seat.crazy-creek-chair-tiedye

This was something he could relax in after a long, hard day of roughin’ it!

After quickly hiring his friend, John Elsberry as his business manager, Crazy Creek saw great success from their product. It became famous the world over. Finally!—a lightweight, portable, camping chair.

John went on to leave Crazy Creek after seeing it to such success and started a business of his own, Business Support Services. Crazy Creek then thrived for nearly a decade.

Sadly, nine years after John left the company, Rob Hart died in a tragic skiing accident. Fortunately for Rob’s family, the strong business he had created continues to support them with the help of Rob’s good friend and old business manager, John.

John and his wife, made arrangements to buy the company and with the help of everyone else at Crazy Creek, they keep up the excellent quality and service that the company started 26 years ago.

Everything Summer Camp is proud to offer these comfy camp chairs that have started such a craze! Thank you, Crazy Creek! And, as always, thanks to you for reading!


- John
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