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Hello, Hammock Hangers!

Such a simple contraption, hammocks are nothing more than a sling made from an assortment of fabrics which you suspend at both ends, fastening them to trees, posts, or anchored hooks. Nevertheless, these simple inventions have their own holiday: today—National Hammock Day. In past posts, I’ve covered the history of hammocks as well as a run-through of the things you can do in your hammock.

Today let’s talk about the inarguable convenience and comfort of ENO Hammocks. 

We offer awesome hammocks and hammock hanging accessories from the quality Eagles Nest Outfitters brand name. You can check out our ENO selection by clicking here. Enjoy National Hammock Day by spending some of your day in a hammock if you can. Meditate, relax, and learn some stuff while you keep cozy.

The Atlas™ Suspension System is a secure solution to hanging your hammock. No knots needed! Simply throw the adjustable end of each strap around a tree and through the loop on the strap’s other end. Then, clip the carabiners of your hammock to the most appropriate loop of the 15 adjustable points on each strap. Enjoy your easy and worry-free way to hang your ENO Hammock. The Suspension Straps are designed to never fail by slipping or falling!

ENO Hammocks are equipped with lightweight, aluminum carabiners for the easiest fastening to the ENO Atlas™ Suspension System. Once your Hammock is clipped to both suspension straps that you have looped around trees, you’re ready to situate yourself comfortably in one of these high-strength and breathable nylon nests, the rest of the world may as well disappear! For traveling convenience, ENO Hammocks fold up to fit into its own built-in pouch, not much larger than a grapefruit for super easy packing!

Crazy convenient!

Get a closer look at our available ENO Hammocks and hammock-hanging accessories by clicking right here. Sway away in your own convenient hammock and, as always, thanks for reading! 


- John

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