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Hey, Back to Schoolers!

Everything Summer Camp has an excellent selection from the Three Cheers for Girls brand. And where there’s Three Cheers for Girls, there’s bound to be Back-to-School products! Lo and behold—backpacks, lunchboxes, and locker décor for the return to your education. But you won’t find these products on our website.

What’s going on here?Bring your girl power to school with you this upcoming year!

No, I’m not trying to trick you. We really do have these products and you really can’t find them on our online store. We’re doing something a bit different. Normally, we’d announce our back-to-school products on our website, but this year we’ve sent our products over to Amazon.

Knowing that a lot of our customers are also Amazon Prime members, we thought you might appreciate saving on shipping fees by shopping Everything Summer Camp products on the Amazon site. See, on our site you can get free shipping for orders that reach $49 and over. At Amazon, however, you can get free shipping simply with Prime Membership.

Check out the awesome Three Cheers for Girls Back-to-School products available on Amazon right now! We’ve got:

Locker Wallpaper Sets
Decorating your locker makes the little world inside more fun, more functional, and, of course, more YOU! It adds some spice and pep to an otherwise gray, monotone landscape. Every glammed out locker starts with the Lockers 101 Wallpaper Set! Get your pick from pretty patterns like Unicorn Stars, Mermaids, Celestial, and Aquatic Scribbles.

Magnetic Mirror
You’ll love checking your glamorous self in this 6″ Magnetic Locker Mirror! Pick your favorite pattern to cover the frame of your mirror with the cutesy Aquatic Scribbles, or Celestial Glitter, or Unicorn Stars and enjoy your own image when you go into your locker.

Backpacks and Lunch Boxes
Everybody needs a Backpack and Lunch Box for school! Keep with the Three Cheers spirit and get yourself covered with the awesome available designs they’ve designed. Bring your textbooks and lunch to school in style!

Enjoy getting your cool school products for the returning school year. Shop the links in this post from now until the end of September while supplies last. Good luck in the coming school year and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

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