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Colten goes Camping

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Hey, Camp Aficionados!

We were very happy that received roughly 30 submissions about the camp experience for our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest that was held here at Everything Summer Camp. We’re excited to post each of your entries right here on the Blog now! To follow ouCheck out this summer campr seven lucky winners of larger prizes, all other entrants received a $15 gift certificate to our online store! Today’s post is from Vannessa H., who wrote in to tell us about her son’s camp-filled summer experience that started at Camp Geiger. Here’s her story:

I am the parent of Colten and wife to Steve H. As they prepare for a busy summer, packing them up to go away was a big part of it for me. Colten was our big traveler this year. He started out with Boy Scout camp about two hours from home. Geiger camp off Rt K in St Joseph, MO. Colten H has been going to scout camp for 6 years. A week in a tent and activities like swimming, hiking, zip line, camp fires, and more. This camp was Sunday to Saturday with one family night. (So that moms can bring clean clothing and take dirty one’s home. Well ok, get a hug too) There are hundreds of boys at this camp. As a mom, I have crazy images of how items get strung all over the many acres. An email is always sent out a week later saying that something has been found or lost.
                On the last day of scout camp, we got up at 4am to go pick him up early. He had to catch the church van that was already in route to Glorieta, New Mexico! (We live in Northern Missouri) He changed out suit cases and was off to camp #2. This was his first year to attend this camp. A great camp for intense activities and Bible studies. His favorites were rock climbing and zero gravity scooters. The downhill dirt track had hills/ramps that he was able to get ‘air time’. A mud pit was a favorite for many too! It is funny how labels of who you think you are or status or click you belong to come off when covered in mud –you are all the same. I love to hear from those that went to this camp on how they really bonded as a family.
                Next camp, a mission trip that Steve and Colten went on together about five days after Colten was home. This gave me a chance to wash ALL the really dirty, set in grime. This trip was to Nicaragua to build homes and share the love of Jesus. This too was a new experience for Colten H. This is the third year that Steve H has gone. Their checked baggage was a tote filled with items for an adopted family. They took a gift for the children from the first two families. Steve loves the girls from the first year and has a family type bond with them. They join up with other churches and Project Hope out of Springfield, MO. Anyway, the only clothing they have for themselves is in a carry on backpack. They stay in a compound with about 45 people. They have a staff that washes clothing for them while they are out in the villages. Your stuff was to be clearly marked with your name or initials. The group left the country after five baptized and a wedding! But the real change comes in the 45 people that went.
                Everything Summer Camp helped everything get returned home to the right closest! The clothing went through very active events and many washings. The tags were on everything from backpacks, socks and underwear, T shirts, and more. A few are starting to come off now, but this mom is happy to have everything home—including two very important men.

What a fun-filled summer Colten had! He must be moving into adolescence gracefully with all his experiences! Glad your important men are back by your side. Check out Camp Geiger for yourself to see where Colten stayed. Maybe it’ll be a good match for you. As always, thanks for reading!


- John


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