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C&N Manufacturing: Home of the Footlocker

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Hey, Crazy Campers!

If you’re an avid reader of our blog and a frequent visitor on our Web site, then you may already know some of what I’ll be discussing in today’s post—like how Everything Summer Camp wasn’t always called Everything Summer Camp. The company used to be C&N Footlockers, named after Craig and Nancy Cornell.building

Craig and Nancy founded C&N in 1987, manufacturing their classic trunks right out of the proverbial home-garage in Boyd, Wisconsin. They made 380 black footlockers—all the same size—with unmatched, rugged construction. Along with excellent customer service, C&N Footlockers was sure to be a success.

As business picked up, they started offering more colors and different sizes. They relocated in need of more space for the manufacturing and storage of their trunks.

Eventually, as business kept on increasing, they relocated once again to a bigger building which is the same building that we still reside in today! In the building’s factory is where every single C&N Footlocker is manufactured.

We remain modest people at Everything Summer Camp, but facts are facts and C&N Footlockers are truly the best camp trunks you can find. The interior of our trunks are covered with DuraWrap Liner. It’s water-resistant, odor-free, and virtually tear-proof. Made with unquestionably rock-solid craftsmanship, C&N Footlockers are built to last a lifetime.

Everything Summer Camp, the home of C&N Footlockers, now offers four different trunk sizes, over twenty colors and patterns, and lots of awesome trunk accessories that really optimize the use of your camp trunks.

A lot has changed since we got our start twenty-six years ago, but we’re still just as dedicated to making our trunks the same way we always have. That’s why we still brand every trunk we make with the C&N Footlockers emblem. Happy camping!


- John

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