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C&N Footlockers come with a Lifetime Free Repair Warranty

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Hey, Summer Camp Fans!

We spend so much time on these blog posts talking about the great companies that we work with here at Everything Summer Camp—bragging for them, praising them, C&N Footlockers Happy Camperexpressing our gratitude to be working with them. But once in a while, I want to spend some time talking about our own company.

So, you know what’s great about Everything Summer Camp? Everything—of course. However, out of all the great things about us, one notable perk to being a customer of ours is the Lifetime Free Repair Warranty we have on all of our C&N Footlockers. That means we’ll repair any one of your damaged footlockers for you, for free—guaranteed for life. You are responsible for the shipping costs and we are responsible for repairing your footlocker. The only thing not covered is cosmetic damage.

Sound good? It gets better than that! When I say we’ll repair any damaged footlocker for free, for life, you should realize that when we manufacture our footlockers, we intend for them to stand up to a lot. That’s why we say we stand behind and on top of them. Because the cute camp trunks that we construct over here are in reality big, bad strongboxes. These trunks are built solid—no doubt.

So, that’s a pretty amazing deal, right? Well, hang on—it gets even better than that. Check it out—90% of the time there won’t be any shipping involved! No repackaging, mailing, or any hassle because almost all of the parts on our trunks can be repaired by you, in your home using nothing but a Phillips screwdriver! We will send you the necessary parts and instructions for free.

When you purchase a C&N Footlocker we want you to know that you’re covered – for life. That’s just one of the many great things about us at Everything Summer Camp!


- John
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