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Closing Day—Four Tips for a Successful Conclusion to Summer Camp

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Greetings, Camp Parents!

The anticipation builds and hearts race with excitement as the parents arrive and catch a glimpse of their young adventurer rushing over with arms outstretched and wearing a giant smile. Tears of joy flow freely as the stories, laughter, and tight hugs spill over in a frenzied moment that lasts an eternity. In that precious moment, the bond between parent and child is strengthened and the memories of summer camp are etched in their hearts forever.

Just as important as Opening and Visiting Day, Closing Day is a quintessential part of the summer camp experience.

Closing Day Tips and Pointers

Let’s review some valuable insights from 'The Summer Camp Handbook' by camp experts Chris Thurber and Jon Malinowski. Here are four essential tips to ensure a successful and meaningful conclusion to your child's camp adventure:

Punctuality is Key

As you wake up on Closing Day, your heart is filled with anticipation for the long-awaited reunion with your child. We know this date has been circled on your calendar for quite some time. To make the most of this special day, we recommend providing a flexible arrival window instead of a specific hour.

Allow your child ample time to bid farewell to friends and participate in any final camp activities. Their goodbye hugs and last-minute adventures deserve to be cherished without feeling rushed.

Tasks and Moments

Closing Day brings administrative chores, like closing accounts and checking with the medical staff. Take the time to navigate through the lost-and-found items to ensure nothing is left behind. This is also the perfect time for your child to proudly share their camp experiences, take you on a tour of the campgrounds, and introduce their newfound camp friends.

Embrace these moments and listen to their stories, as they reflect on the positive memories they've made. However, respect that some children may be ready to move on quickly, eager to embark on the next chapter of their journey.

Expect the Unexpected

Reactions upon reunion with parents vary greatly among campers. Some children become the "Fountain of Youth," bursting with excitement while others may wear a "Poker Face," appearing quiet and reserved. There are "Tearful Campers," who shed tears as a testament to the profound impact camp has had. And lastly, the "Sensationalists" who highlight the most dramatic moments.

Embrace the uniqueness of your child's reaction, and be prepared to adapt to their needs. You can check out a deeper breakdown of all the different camper reactions in this previous Blog post.

Insights from Cabin Leaders


Now, it's time to gather the wisdom from our experienced cabin leaders. These experienced adults just spent countless hours with your child and can provide valuable insights into your child's camp experience. Discover the highlights of your child's session, the challenges they faced, and their interactions with fellow campers.

Address any discipline concerns and seek recommendations for areas of growth before the next camp session. This feedback will aid in your child's ongoing personal development!



Closing Day marks the end of a transformative camp journey! Responding with empathy is key. Acknowledge your child's newfound independence, celebrate their initiative and maturity, and listen attentively to their adventure narratives. Engage them with open-ended questions that delve into the meaning behind their experiences. And be prepared for emotional ups and downs as they process the challenges and triumphs of their camp stay.

As you embrace the joy of reuniting with your child on Closing Day, relish in the incredible growth, unforgettable memories, and lasting friendships that have been forged during their time at camp. The Closing Day experience is a culmination of a transformative summer camp journey, leaving a lasting impact on both campers and parents alike. Thank you for reading, and may your child's closing moments at camp be filled with warmth and cherished memories.


- John


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